Melissa has a list of workshops available ready to go at most student's levels! Melissa Specializes in training performers and those that want to tell their stories or create their own vocabulary. Self expression is one of the most important parts of her work, but also form and proper technique are what it is centered around. Melissa is a holistic coach and treats students as whole beings in any type of class. It is important that aerial dance is accessible, inclusive, has modifiers and progressions. And that as artists and athletes we look at diet, sleep, self care, self expression, and safety for a long, sustainable practice.Melissa has taught local and worldwide performers, and is available to teach students in any location that seems interesting to travel to!

Click below to see the list of current aerial workshops.

For drop in classes, Melissa has developed curriculums and classes in the following:


-Aerial Yoga

-Queer Yoga

-Corporate Yoga

-Thai massage (with consent language also)



-Aerial hoop (beginner/ intermediate)

-Aerial partnering (any apparatus)

-Queer jam/ Queer Performer Jam


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