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Melissa Coffey has spent their life creating and learning techniques to create and communicate. They knew drawing and sewing before starting school, and their first job as a teen was as a strolling violinist. After college they became an apparel, costume, and lingerie designer. During this career, Melissa let that original love of stage and music flow into performance art, dance, then they ultimately found aerial dance. They are now performing on stages, in theaters, galleries, events, in film, and nightclubs much like the performers they costume. 


As a performer, Melissa’s skills range from Silks, Trapeze, Lyra, Rope, Invented apparatus, and partnering on all, to fire eating, fire dance, fire whips, Bullwhips, stilts, roller skating, fan/ prop dancing, burlesque, drag, and partner dancing.  They enjoy the spotlight and a breathless audience that they are eager to connect with while digging deep into their own stories, lived experiences, and tells them with authentic movement.


As a trainer, Melissa loves to coach, choreograph, and give students tools to create as they see them grow into their abilities. Melissa views their training as having holistic approach and values both expression and demands intentionality with form, effort, and gesture. Melissa focuses on the unique stories each person has, and how people can express them with their body.

Melissa is ACE certified and has many teacher trainings.  Melissa specializes in trapeze, silk, partnering, authentic movement, choreography, act development, yoga, aerial yoga, and Thai massage. They teach recreational aerial students, as well as performers. They have taught people ages 4-76, and people with an array of abilities and those who are non-neurotypical or differently abled. All bodies, all abilities is centered in their work.  Melissa published the first trapeze teaching dvd, and now hosts retreats around the world.

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